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Pupil Support

pupil support


Pupil support and guidance is a priority at our school. We have a dedicated and experienced team led by highly committed Senior Management members who care for, guide and support pupils throughout their time at the school.

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School Discipline & Achievements

The school has a policy which underpins behaviour and pupil support at Sandfields Primary School. Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour and achievement but also recognise that appropriate sanctions are required for breaking school rules. All staff are involved in the implementation of these rules and are proactive in rewarding good behaviour through our Class Dojo system. We also hold Achievements Assembly on Friday morning which again celebrates success and achievements of individual pupils.

Both Teachers and Teaching Assistants are proactive in monitoring  pupil progress and wellbeing, having received up to date and regular training on all aspects of pastoral care. Mr C Jones is responsible for Inclusion and regular progress reviews take place each term, whereby early identification of underachieving pupils is shared and monitored by the relevant staff.

The support offered at the school has been a fundamental key to our success in ensuring pupils enjoy their time with us at Sandfields Primary. We aim to make pupils feel valued and rewarded and are committed to encouraging all pupils to achieve outstanding results.

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Pupil Responsibilities- Committees and Prefects

Our Year 6 prefects perform a vital leadership role in the school. They organise and perform a wide range of functions from breaktime and lunchtime rota of duties, to welcoming guests to our school events. Pupils must complete an application form to register an interest in being a prefect. The successful candidates are elected by our staff at the start of a new year, including the appointment of Head Boy and Girl. These pupils are exemplar role models and work hard to maintain excellent standards throughout the school.

Pupils from all age groups in our school are encouraged to apply for positions of responsibility in various committees, such as the e-safety committee, Eco and Healthy Schools and our School Council.

External Agencies

The school works closely with a number of external agencies to provide additional support to pupils, such as MEAS, counsellors and Special Needs Advisory staff from the LEA. 

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