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Class 2


Reception/Year 1 Class Teachers: Mrs F Pugsley  & Mrs P Davies (Every Thursday and Friday afternoon)

Teaching Assistants: Miss T Lodwig and Miss G Jenkins (Mornings) and Miss R Sheey and Mrs S Chaves (Afternoons)

Welcome to our class information page. We hope you find the information here useful.


Information about Class 2 

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Daily Timetable:

School Start time for Class 1 & 2 – 8.40 am

Morning – 1st session (9.30-10.15  am) Read Write Inc

Morning – 2nd session (10:30-11.30 pm) Mathematics

Afternoon sessions – (12:30-2.30 pm)

School finish time for Class 1&2 – 2.30 pm

Location of drop off and pick up:

Children are to enter school by themselves using the class entrance in the fenced off area off the Junior Yard and are to be collected from this point.

Children will be called and sent out to you – please stay behind the fence. Please be patient as we may still be getting to know some faces.

Attendance and Punctuality:

Attendance and punctuality are very important for your child to settle in well and learn to anticipate the structure of the school day. Any absences must be communicated to the office or if the absence is planned you can let the class teacher know via class dojo. 

If your child is displaying signs of Covid-19 then please do not send them to school!  Keep them home and notify the school so we can record this on the register using the appropriate code and follow the appropriate measures.  

Dinner and Snack:

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Children are able to have lunch provided to them in school or can bring a healthy packed lunch with them. The daily cost of a lunch if your child is not entitled to free school meals is £2.35 which must be paid online using Parent Pay. 

From the week beginning the 14th September, fruit will be provided twice daily as a snack at a cost of £1 per week. However, your child may bring in their own healthy snack for playtime – fruit or sticks of vegetables only.

Your child may also bring in a drink bottle containing only water which must be clearly labelled. Please let us know if your child cannot eat certain foods for any reason (medical or other).

PE Day: Tuesday with Miss Williams

Please make sure that your child wears appropriate kit for the PE days i.e. shorts or jogging bottoms, t-shirt and trainers.


Please try and read with your child every day. We aim to read with children as much as possible in school. We do this through carpet group reading sessions, rote story reading and daily Read Write Inc.

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Read Write Inc., a literacy programme developed by Ruth Miskin, is taught in over 5000 schools in the United Kingdom. Our Read Write Inc. Phonicsreading and writing kits have been developed for parents who want to support their child’s phonics learning at home. You can use them to systematically teach all of the common sounds in the English language, helping your child to recognise the sounds and then to ‘sound-blend’ them into words for reading. Children become fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

When your child is learning to read using phonics, there are two crucial things that they will be taught:

  • The sounds represented by written letters.
  • How to blend the sounds together to make words.

Supporting your child as they learn to read using phonics is the most important thing you can do to help them at school. On this page, you’ll find some videos to explain phonics and how you can support your child at home, along with a helpful audio guide to help you learn how to say the 44 phonics sounds correctly.

Watch our fun introduction to phonics, get tips for supporting phonics learning at home and listen to our audio guide on how to say the 44 phonics sounds.

For more information on the Read Write Inc programme visit:–1/

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Reading books and Homework

  • Due to a new scheme and the implications of Covid-19, we will not be sending home reading and homework folders and books this term. Instead, we will be encouraging you to use online reading programmes, details of which will be shared with you as soon as possible. You can access free e books online here – 
  • Parents play a vital role in supporting the development of their child’s reading. Reading together encourages enjoyment of reading and allows your child to experience a  wider range of language. If you would like to know what type of books are suitable for your child to read message us on Class Dojo and we can advise you . 

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Outdoor learning

 Using the outside areas is an essential part of the curriculum. Every day we go outside for outdoor activities, whatever the weather. Please ensure your child at least has a warm, waterproof coat with a hood and sensible footwear.

Our forest day is Friday children will need  to have wellies or old trainers to be left in school just in case this day is changed. If your child does not bring wellies in, it will be presumed that they can take part in their school shoes.

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Messy play

In class 2, there will be lots of multi-sensory activities available e.g. with paint, pens, glue, sand, chalk and mud. This helps us to develop lots of skills so our uniform might get a little bit dirty. Please feel free to provide your child with a change of clothes, this is very helpful for particularly messy days, or in case of little accidents!


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Throughout the year, your child will be encouraged to use ‘hwb’ online to further develop their learning.

Pupil login required for hwb and can be obtained from class teacher.                                                      




Click on the icons to follow a link to the websites. If your child has forgotten their login details, please do not hesitate to ask.


The best way to contact class teachers is through Classdojo. Please could you download the Class Dojo app onto your phone/tablet and enter the code provided to you by your child’s class teacher.  If you have not got a code to set this app up please contact the school.

Click on the icon to follow the link to the ClassDojo website:

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Class dojo  is not only a way to communicate to your child’s class teacher, but it is a points system where the children get given Dojo points for positive behaviour and lose points for poor behaviour and it forms part of our behaviour policy as a school. One of the features of the website is the ability to link up with parents/carers so that they can see their child’s account and how many points that they have gained/lost that day.  

Useful Websites (click on the icons below)


Oxford Reading Tree         Image result for top marks clipart          



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Just a reminder…

  • School starts at 8:40am promptly. Please bring your child into class through the junior yard and into our smaller, fenced off area (gates are closed at 8:50am) and collect them from here at 2:30pm. Please stand behind the fencing for the safety of our children.
  • Any pupils needing to be collected early for medical or dental appointments need to be signed out on the pupil signing out register before leaving the premises. This is to ensure safety of all our pupils.
  • Where possible, could you please ensure that staff are informed in advance if anyone else will be collecting your child.
  • If your child is late or has a medical appointment, please report to the office and a member of staff will escort your child safely to class.
  • If your child is ill or unable to attend school for any other reason, please could you inform the office.
  • To label all items of clothing (coats, uniform etc) with your child’s full name. 
  • Children must only bring essentials into school – no toys.
  • If your child is displaying signs of Covid-19 then please do not send them to school!  Keep them home and notify the school so we can record this on the register using the appropriate code.  

As always, we believe it is very important to involve you in your child’s learning and look forward to continue working with you to help your child reach their full potential and enjoy their learning experience this year. If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask, you can phone the school or message the class teacher via Class Dojo to arrange an appointment.