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Celebrating Success

Achievement Dojo 2

Pupils receive lots of praise and encouragement. Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour and work, and when they try hard.
Individual reward system
Pupils are rewarded with Class Dojo Points and stickers to recognise achievements.
Certificates are awarded for achievements:
150 dojo points – Bronze Award
300 dojo points  – Silver Award
500 dojo points – Gold Award
1000 dojo points – Platinum Award
If pupils have achieved a Dojo Award at the end of each term, their name gets put into a hat and they have the chance of winning £5 as a reward!
Certificates are presented in assembly where pupils’ achievements are recognised.
Class-wide reward system
The teacher will reward everyone in the class when they are doing exactly what has been asked, or when someone has done something so well the teacher wants everyone to recognise the achievement.
Class-wide rewards may result in extra play, free choice sessions, “special treats” and stickers.
Whole school assemblies
Every week the whole school gather to celebrate weekly achievements of individual pupils, where a weekly achievement certificate is awarded by the Headteacher or Deputy Head to a pupil from each class. The individual pupil’s achievement is promoted by each class teacher in the assembly as a way of building the pupil’s self-esteem. Work is shown to all the school and the child is made to feel “special”.
Achievement Assembly
At our school, we promote the use of spontaneous Welsh throughout the school day. The children sometimes receive certificates to celebrate this. We also celebrate Cwricwlwm Cymreig through events such as St David’s Day concerts, competitions and celebrations