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Author: Mrs F Pugsley

Homelearning Activities for Classes 1 and 2 15.12.2020

This week’s home learning activities for Reception and year 1 pupils (in classes 1 and 2), can be found by clicking on the link below (open in a new tab by right clicking the mouse if needed). The link will download a Word document which contains a range of activities and many links to useful resources.

homelearning activities week beginning 14.12.2020

Christmas Maths Activties:


We hope you have a lovely Christmas. Stay Safe.

From all of the staff in Classes 1 and 2

My Town Art Competition for all age groups

The Children in our school are very creative – Let’s try and win a prize for their talents!

What your child needs to do:

They can draw a picture, paint, sketch – the format is up to them! The theme is ‘My Town’ and can be interpreted any way they would like. It could be somewhere they love to visit across Aberavon, it could be thier village, something that depicts the town or village they live in or somewhere close to thier heart.


There are 4 categories – see the poster above, and there will be prizes for the winner and 3 runners up in each category.

Entries will be displayed in the office windows and winners will be announced on or around the 21st July 2020.


How to Enter:

Please include your childs name, age, school and class (e.g. year 1)

Photographs can be sent to Mrs Pugsley

Real pieces can be posted to school or directly to Unit 9, Water street Business Centre, Gwyn Terrace, Aberavon, SA12 6LF.

Closing date for entries:  10th July 2020

(All entries must be sent to Mrs Pugsley by this date)

Easter Fun for Foundation Phase


See the source image

Foundation Phase

Easter Homework

April 12th  is Easter Sunday. So, we are setting a challenge for homework based on this topic.

Your child’s challenge is to create a piece of work of their choice which represents something related to Easter.


These are some useful websites that could help to develop their knowledge of Easter and why it is celebrated:

Information book about how Easter is celebrated –


The Easter Story power point –


The Easter Story book –

Listen to the Easter story –

Cartoon of the Easter story –

The Easter sand story –


Feel free for your child to use their own skills and creativity, but if you are stuck for ideas, you could choose from following:


Order pictures or write the Easter story –  Easter story sequencing cards

Create a poem about Easter – some examples –

Create instructions on something you have made to do with Easter e.g.  How to make chocolate nests –


Go to twinkl – use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to set up an account –

there are lots of maths resources here like: 

Using Quantities and Objects They Subtract Two Single-Digit Numbers

Using Quantities and Objects They Add Two Single-Digit Numbers





Solving Problems – Sharing

Solving Problems – Halving Solving

Problems – Doubling

Finds One More or One Less Than

Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20

You could explore an Easter egg, measure it, weigh it,  estimate and then count how many sweets are inside it/Can you share the sweets between two people? How many does each person have?

Do an Easter egg hunt – how many eggs did you find? Can you double it? Halve the amount?



Investigate and record how chocolate is made

Find out were it comes from and create a fact book or poster



Investigate how chocolate changes when it is heated or cooled –

Chocolate Melt Planning Sheet Chocolate Melting STEM

Powerpoint T-T-2786-Changing-State-Chocolate-Experiment-_ver_2

Make chocolate Easter nests –

In your garden or during your short walk record what flowers or plants are starting to grow


Design your own Easter egg – t-t-5015-design-an-easter-egg-a4-activity-sheet_ver_2

Decorate an egg

Create an Easter card

Make a model Easter egg – using salt dough/play dough/paper mache

Complete an Easter colouring – t-t-002-ks1-easter-egg-template-colouring-sheets_ver_4

Create an Easter basket – t-c-254499-easter-themed-basket-craft_ver_1

Create an Easter animal –



Go to the twinkl website  – use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to set up an account.

Type in Easter Welsh into the search engine and choose any activity.


P.E .

Create an obstacle course – include bunny hops/egg rolls etc

Have an egg and spoon race


Most importantly have fun!!!