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Author: Mrs Jones

Home Learning for Classes 3 and 4 15-12-2020

This week’s home learning activities for Year 1 and Year 2 pupils (in classes 3 and 4), can be found by clicking on the link below (open in a new tab by right clicking the mouse if needed). The link will download a Word document which contains a range of activities and many links to useful resources.

Home Learning for Year 1 and Year 2 for 15-12-2020

We hope you have a lovely Christmas. Stay Safe.

From all of the staff in Classes 3 and  4


Year 1 & Year 2 Home Learning

Year 1 & Year 2 Home Learning for 13-7-2020


As it is the last week of term, we have made changes to the home learning.

We hope you enjoy!

This week’s home learning activities for Year 1 and Year 2 pupils (in classes 2, 3 and 4), can be found here:

Home Learning for Foundation Phase 13.7.2020


Sammy Sloth Goes Back to School Book:


Read Write Inc Red Word Spelling Lists for Week Beginning 6-7-2020

Red Word Spelling Lists 

Week Beginning: 6/7/2020 

The tricky ‘Red words for each week will be set out in the table below for your child to learn (pupils in Set 1 Groups – 1A/1B/1C do not have to learn these words). The words will be changed weekly. Please note that your child only has to learn the words set in the column for their colour group and not all of the words in the table. 

You can now find YouTube videos online which will teach the Red Words to your child: 

Watch ‘Read Red Words 1′ if your child is reading Red, Green, Purple, Pink or Orange Read Write Inc.Storybooks. 

Watch ‘Red Words 2′ if your child is reading Yellow, Blue or Grey Read Write Inc.Storybooks 

To help your child practise reading their words, first show them one word at a time, reading it to them and then asking them to repeat it back. Next, help them to identify the tricky sound in the word and help them practise spelling the words in a fun way (using paint/chalks/bubble writing/rainbow writing etc). You can also extend your child’s learning by asking them to put each word into a sentence, practise saying the sentence over and over until they remember it (this is called ‘Hold a Sentence’), and then write the sentence independently remembering the sentence rules – A capital letter to start, spaces between words, a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark to end the sentence and speech marks within the sentence if you include any speech. Finally, on Friday, see how well they have learned the words by having a spelling testWhy not give them a treat at home for achieving full marks? Some words may be repeated over  different weeks to ensure that your child has retained the spelling.

As Grey Group have had all of the Red Words as spellings, they will now have multi-syllabic words for their weekly spellings.

Your child can record their answers either on paper (you could either take a photo and upload it into ‘My Files’ on ‘Just2easy’ or send your class teacher a photo on Dojo if you wish), or by asking them to type the test words straight onto ‘Jit Write (remembering to press save at the end). 

Ditty and 

 Red Groups 

Green Group  Purple Group  Pink Group  Orange Group  Yellow Group  Blue Group  Grey Group

(multi-syllabic words) 

of my some what you through mother rescuing
no me be they are once to continuing
are go there do of here they arguing
 to he so said school son father whispering
 put  are all you small why whole deleted
   you  call the do were anyone completed
   want by brother watch  unpicked
    wall what would educating
        where education



Read Write Inc Red Words



‘Red’ words are the high frequency words which have tricky spellings. Use these flashcards to test yourself on the words which you can already read and spell and then learn to read and spell the ones which you are unfamiliar with. Learning to read these words at speed will increase your reading fluency and will help you move along the Read Write Inc programme.


Click on the link below for spelling lists of the Red Words that are taught in the different Read Write Inc colour groups:

Red Words Spellings for Different Read Write Inc Groups


Click on the link below for a full list of the Red Words as flashcards:

Red Words