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Class 1 Home Learning for 6-7-2020

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s), 

I hope this message finds you and your children well. Nursery and Reception staff are writing to explain how ‘Home Learning’ will look moving forward into the summer term. During the summer term, teachers will work together (remotely!) to provide weekly home learning opportunities. The weekly plans for Nursery and Reception will be presented to you as ‘Home Learning Posts’ on the school website. Each week, a link for the post will be sent to you via Class Dojo. 

Each week, literacy (Read Write Inc), and numeracy activities will be set as a Daily Must’. We have named these activities a Daily Must’ as they are vitally important to ensure that your child’s academic skills do not significantly decline during these uncertain times (these activities will be mostly revision of topics already covered). As well as the ‘Daily Must’ activities, we are also including additional outdoor and ICT tasks which your child can complete if they so wish (however, your child does not have to complete these). We will include online links to resources. 

In school, children work in sets for Read Write Inc, and throughout this session, are taught by different teachers. As the weekly home learning plan refers to all the different Read Write Inc groups, it has many activities written on it. However, it is important to note that your child does not have to complete everything on the plan but will only have to carry out activities for one set of Read Write Inc sounds set by their own teacher. Your child’s class teacher will inform you of your child’s Read Write Inc colour group and the set of sounds they are currently working on. 

We will also provide project based learning looking at other areas of the curriculum. Again, these tasks are optional. Many pupils demonstrate an increased enthusiasm for topic and creative activities and enjoy the practical opportunities that these tasks provide. 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the children who have already completed learning tasks set. We have been delighted at receiving so many wonderful pieces of work and commend each and every one of the children for their achievements.   

We strongly believe it is important that the children are rewarded for working hard and that their successes are celebrated.  As an incentive for the children who engage in weekly home learning activities, 2 Dojo points will be awarded for every activity successfully completed and evidenced for the class teacher to see (Dojo points will also be awarded for home learning tasks created by adults at home). Work can be evidenced through completing written activities on Hwb using ‘Just2easy – Jit’, by uploading work/photographs to ‘My Files’ on ‘Just2easy’ or by sending photographs through Class Dojo. Our recommendation is that you upload your child’s work using ‘My Files’ on ‘Just2easy’. By doing this, class teachers are able to communicate with your child by writing on the work and if needed, extending tasks slightly.  

On return to school, all children who regularly submit completed pieces of work will be presented with a certificate in acknowledgement of their commitment to learning.  Furthermore, staff are in the process of discussing additional rewards to celebrate the children’s effort and hard work.   

We recognise that we are currently living in difficult times but appreciate everything you are doing to support and encourage your children to participate in regular home learning activities. 

Please let your children know how much we are missing them and remember that on the days when ‘home schooling’ is proving too much, have a break and take it easy! Class teachers will continue to be available via Class Dojo and will reply to you as soon as they are able to. 

Take care everyone and stay safe. 

Ms Bretherton and Mr Jones


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Click on the link below to access Class 1’s Home Learning for 6-7-2020 and then click on the link provided on the page (the activities will appear as a word document at the bottom left of your screen – you will need to double click on this to open):

Reception Home learning Activities for 6/7/2020


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